Friday, April 21, 2017

New 2017

Hi to everyone who still continues to check out my blog through Blogger. It has been a while since I decided to change sites, and I am really enlightened by so many people who are still viewing this blog that I will from time to time keep the pages going. It seems that my older posts are the ones that loose the photographs so we will see what happens. Thank you to all my lovely readers, Lyn.

These days I am also into Art Journals and cards, my own style of art journaling with a touch of folk art of course. I like to keep my art journals and cards flat, they still have the usual folk art touches in the same way as decorative painters usually paint. I do use my own painted cut-outs attached to the page along with stamping, embossing etc.
I work on watercolour paper or Media paper depending on the project I am working on.

These two photographs are part of an art journal I have made and painted ready for Mountains and Rivers Convention in May this year. 12 pages in all. They are purposely made ready for the workshop and leave areas of  each page unfinished ready for the students to add personal touches if and when they would like.
I am already working on my next art journal and I will share my work with you when I have completed some pages.

These dragonfly are embossed with gold embossing so they sparkle, front and back page.

This first page has embossing, hand painted, stencils and hand finished with pens.

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