Monday, April 24, 2017

Thanks to Shel c I now have a stencil folder.

Thanks to Shell C;  I now have a lovely new holder for my stencils to carry while I am teaching.

Shell C made a tag book out of a mac cheese wrapper, see the link to her video above. I loved the idea so I made my own stencil carrier from the same idea.

Using only scrap card and papers I had left over from my scrapbook stash I made use off what materials I had. I had an insert from a men's PJ's that was a good size and was already folded with a gusset down one size. After making the inside folders I cut the cover to fit before decorating.

Closed folder with elastic closure.
I used some thin drawing paper as the cover, decorating it with Inktence blocks, spreading with a baby wipe, letting this dry before stamping and applying ink through a stencil. The paper was thin although it took the Inktence colour well, it did ripple when I applied the craft glue, when it had dried it looked ok. The inside I applied the same only in 3 pieces, when all this had dried I strengthened it with washi tape on the folds and edges. It held up quite well. I then applies Liquitex matt medium over each side of the folder.

The outside of the file showing the 2 folds that I ended up covering up with washi tape for strength.

The inside showing the decorated paper covering the scrap card from the PJ's. You can see the double fold toward the top of the photo.
Open folder when finished.

The inside folders I made to hold the stencils are made in the same way that Shell C made, only a size that fitted my 6" x 6" stencils.
I just had on hand some 12" x 12" scrapbook cardstock, I folded up a flap 3 1/4" (8.5cm) from the bottom and then folded (book wise) over 5 1/2"  leaving  6 1/2 "  Both these now have pockets in the bottom. I then covered the flap edge with washi tape while open, folded up the flap and then used the washi tape to cover each long edge with the flap folded enclosing the flap in the tape. This finishes the folder neatly and secures the flap.
I find that the larger right side holds my 6" x 6" stencils, while the smaller left side pocket holds my Tim holts stencils or my 4" x 4" or card stencils quite well.
I had some very thin flat black elastic in my sewing box so I used that wrapping around the fold top to bottom about 6 times, tying in the centre to keep them together leaving a long tag on Both edges making a loop before tying a knot at the edge to form a loop to keep the folder closed.
The folders then can be inserted into the cover, use one strand of the elastic for each folder. Please see this video if you are unsure, it is quite easy to follow.  
On this photo you can see the elastic at the top and bottom on the fold.

Showing an open folder with the stencils in the pockets. The black line is one of the elastic strings holding the folder inside the cover.

Have fun hope you enjoyed!



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